Thursday, February 19, 2009


these things are making life grand...

1. STYLE: Two For the Road. 

This 1967 classic starring audrey hepburn and albert finney is one of my absolute favourites. the costumes are INCREDIBLE (as is the music by henri mancini). watching it for the first time in my early teens, cemented my passion for styling, film and going back in time to live in the 60s. 

2. TRANSPORT: International Harvester's SCOUT.
NEED this car. i NEED to be sitting behind the wheel of it, smoking a pipe with my one and only and our staffi in the front seat next to me. (via A Continuous Lean)


i dont have an entourage. if i did, i would very much want it to look like this one.

4. FILM: Days of Heaven (1978). 
another malick masterpiece. a truly incredible film. spectacular in every way. amazing sound design...

5. FOOD: jolly ranchers. 

the lolly of my youth has been reborn. Embracing the true nature of the jolly ranchers aftertaste, the marketing dept have opted for a medicinal-style packaging. pop two blueberry's and you'll feel good all day...

6. IMAGES: Alec Soth
from his brilliant 'Sleeping on the Missisipee' series.

makes me want to chew tobacco and head down south.

7. SOUND: Fever Ray. 

why just the other day i was professing my love for an all time favourite band of ours - the knife

little did i know that Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of the phenominal brother-sister duo, has a side project and a new clip for her track, 'When i grow up', to go with it. STUNNNNNNNNNING clip, directed by Martin de Thurah. i want to go swimming...

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This is a wonderful post sweety!
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