Monday, April 13, 2009

Smitten WITH...#7

these things are making life grand...

1. STYLE: Renee Perle

A Romanian Jewish girl who moved to Paris, Perle became a muse to famous photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue after meeting him in 1929

Arms full of bangles, casual t-shirts, smokey eyes...she was decades ahead of her time. A true style icon.

2. IMAGES: David Maisel

Maisel’s spectacular large-scale aerial photographs show the physical impact on the land from mining, logging, water reclamation, and military testing. The world looks different from up here...

3. FILM: The Five Obstructions (2003)

Based entirely around the reconstruction of Jorgen Leth's incredible 1967 short masterpiece, The Perfect Human, this is one of the funniest documentaries i have ever seen. It is pretentious, obnoxious and full of cheek. 

leth is a truly elegant man and von trier, a master...
(Many thanks to my one and only x)

4. ACTIVITY: Origami 

When inundated with work, there is no better form of procrastination.

5. OBJECT: Clutch by Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

I am not a big-name-brand lover, but something about this clutch speaks to me. In fact it yells, very very loudly. 

6. GOOD COMPANY: Steven Spielberg, Andy Warhol + Bianca Jagger. 

i have no words for how fantastic this scene is.
does Spielberg appear to be buzzing off more than just a dose of good conversation?

7. SOUND: boy bands.

these boys have been making life truly swell:

- department of eagles
- the walkmen
- royskopp
- black starr
- abe vigoda
- white rabbits
- cave singers
- the roots
- black keys
- french kicks
- phoenix

Thursday, April 9, 2009



Saturday, April 4, 2009


werner herzog is making life grand...

1. STYLE: Katherine Hepburn

There is no single being whose style I admire more.

2. IMAGES: Takashi Homma

Born in 1962 in Japan, this phenominal photographer has a truly amazing body of work. I wish I had a copy of Tokyo Suburbia for my very own.

3. GENIUS: Werner Herzog

My one and only and I, cannot say enough about this man, so I will try to keep it short. A writer, director, actor + philosopher, Herzog argues that one has not lived until they have been unsuccessfully shot at.

Check out his blog to discover the inner thoughts of a magnificent being. (Whether this site is legitimate or not, be sure to read it in your best werner herzog voice)

4. FILM: Mister Lonely 

Harmony Korine makes the kind of films that make my one and only and I, excited about making films. This one is SPECTACULAR. Not to mention that Mr Herzog's performance is as funny and delicious as a piece of turkish delight.

5. FOOD: Sweet potato. 

There are days where I truly wish that everything in the world was made out of sweet potato. Then I realise that there would be no 30Rock dvd's to watch before bed. 

As the weather gets colder, eat this.

6. OBJECT: blackboards. 

I love them. I have never been able to write on them neatly, but I'm told that I am driven by negative reinforcement. 

This track puts me in a hypnotic trance that I never want to snap out of.