Monday, April 13, 2009

Smitten WITH...#7

these things are making life grand...

1. STYLE: Renee Perle

A Romanian Jewish girl who moved to Paris, Perle became a muse to famous photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue after meeting him in 1929

Arms full of bangles, casual t-shirts, smokey eyes...she was decades ahead of her time. A true style icon.

2. IMAGES: David Maisel

Maisel’s spectacular large-scale aerial photographs show the physical impact on the land from mining, logging, water reclamation, and military testing. The world looks different from up here...

3. FILM: The Five Obstructions (2003)

Based entirely around the reconstruction of Jorgen Leth's incredible 1967 short masterpiece, The Perfect Human, this is one of the funniest documentaries i have ever seen. It is pretentious, obnoxious and full of cheek. 

leth is a truly elegant man and von trier, a master...
(Many thanks to my one and only x)

4. ACTIVITY: Origami 

When inundated with work, there is no better form of procrastination.

5. OBJECT: Clutch by Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

I am not a big-name-brand lover, but something about this clutch speaks to me. In fact it yells, very very loudly. 

6. GOOD COMPANY: Steven Spielberg, Andy Warhol + Bianca Jagger. 

i have no words for how fantastic this scene is.
does Spielberg appear to be buzzing off more than just a dose of good conversation?

7. SOUND: boy bands.

these boys have been making life truly swell:

- department of eagles
- the walkmen
- royskopp
- black starr
- abe vigoda
- white rabbits
- cave singers
- the roots
- black keys
- french kicks
- phoenix