Sunday, May 24, 2009

Smitten WITH...#8

these things are making life grand...

1. STYLE: Sonya Rykiel

2. IMAGES: Adriana Petit

This phenomenal artist's 400 ASA photography is mesmerizing and fiery. Something about her work inspires me to feel passionate about things more important than front pleated woolen trousers and defend them with every part of my being...

3. THE CLASSICS: old jews telling jokes

I have a secret passion for bad jokes. Thanks to this gorgeous site, I have been able to get my fix twice a week... 


4. GENIUS: Dr NakaMats.

Holding the world record for the most inventions of all time (over 3,000), 80 year old Dr Nakamats has blessed the world with the floppy disk, the cd, the dvd, the taxi meter, spring shoes, the karaoke machine, the annual World Genius Convention and much much more. He sleeps for no longer than 4 hours a night, eats one meal a day and gets all of his ideas 0.5sec before death, while submerged underwater. His current goal is to live to 144.

A documentary following a day in the life of this brilliant man, directed by Kaspar Astrup, is to be released later this year.

5. INSPIRATION: We Love You So.

There are no words for how excited both myself and the rest of the world are for Spike Jonze's impending masterpiece Where the Wild Things Are. To make the wait a little easier and giving me a reason to get out of bed before the film's release, Jonze and his collaboraters have put together a FANTASTIC blog highlighting some of the inspiration behind the film... inhale and savour. 

6. FILM: Manhattan

My one and only guaranteed me that I was put on this earth with the sole purpose of watching Woody Allen's 1979 slice of perfection. 

It is hysterically funny, set in the city of my dreams, Gordon Willis' black + white cinematography is breathtaking, and Diane Keaton is my muse of the week. I have stopped wearing a bra and booked in for a perm...


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Make it Easy said...

where the wilds things are will change the world