Monday, March 9, 2009


these things are making life grand...


i have fallen hard for this beautiful canadian label. the designer, Heather Martin, creates intricate pieces of art with each "series". i would sell my soul for her knotted vest...

2. IMAGES: Adam Jeppesen

breathtaking photos from this denmark native.

from his book wake.

3. STORIES: One in a Million.

these tiny snapshots into the lives of new yorkers are beautiful and captivating. its like consistently eaves dropping on the best part of a conversation. (via fecalface)

on many a holiday my one and only has waited patiently as i take inane photos of shop signs and frontages. these ones are great.

5. SOUND: Serge Gainsbourg + Bridget Bardot - Comic Strip

Gainsbourg is said to have worn only repetto jazz shoes for the last 20 years of his life. A truly fantastic man, with a tortured soul...

i have a weakness for 2d animation. prepare to transcend during this stunning, trip of a film. aside from the amazing illustration and animation, the music in this 2003 french masterpiece, is incredible.

7. ACTIVITY: FedFest

this sunday march 15 @ federation square in melbourne. come + support us if you are in town. it's sure to be a swell eve...