Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smitten With... #9

1. STYLE: soviet punks.

I challenge you to find a better combination.

2. GENIUS: Erik Madigan Heck.

This 25 year old visionary is the man behind Nomenus Quartlery - an incredible fashion and art publication, that focuses on the kind of artists who should be focused on. 

As well as publisher and editor of the most expensive magazine in the world ($6,500 for a hardcopy), this young prodigy takes absolutely breathtaking images. His photography is painterly and cinematic yet totally fresh...

3.PENMANSHIP: michael c. hsuing.

My secret weapon for battling a pesky bout of the blues. Something about Mr.Hsuing's style reminds me of my-one-and-only. Sea creatures, mermen, moustaches, animals and monacles...the work of this stupendous L.A artist will put a smile on even the tightest of faces and posisbly make you think a little about the totalitarian nature of mankind. 

4. FILM: la haine.

Mathieu Kassovitz's 1995 masterpiece is a slice of recent french history done to perfection. Along with costumes, casting, script and locations, the soundtrack is perfect. Many thanks to my-one-and-only for another stellar recommendation. You now share my heart with Vincent Cassel...

5. FOOD: borscht.

Push past any personal beetroot prejudices and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Serve hot with a dollop of cold sour cream, sprinkle of dill and thick piece of dark rye.

6. ACTIVITY: spring cleaning.

The time has come.

7. SOUND: the yardbirds.